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Richard Jeal resigned as Treasurer and Secretary of EfVA effective 30th June 2014. He has for a long time fulfilled these very demanding roles despite suffering ill health for a considerable time. Richard has been very active in pursuing the campaign for pensions equality since 2007 and following the launch of EfVA in March 2009 he has been at the centre of every aspect of our activities.  


As Treasurer and Secretary the workload has been far too much for one person to undertake and despite this Richard has also made time to lead on repeated research projects. We owe him great debt of gratitude for his seven years unstinting effort on our behalf.  


We must not of course forget the ever present support of Richard’s wife Sue, who has also worked so hard and supported Richard through both good and bad times.  All this not only directly for the membership of EfVA but also for the benefit of the many thousands of affected veterans across all three services. 


On behalf of everyone at EfVA, we will miss you both.

It is with heartfelt thanks to Richard and Sue, their continued hard work has helped to keep Equality for Veterans Association campaign alive.


Richard and Sue. Our thanks and very best wishes for the future.



LATEST NEWS - July 2014

EfVA Chairman Frank Sanders and Deputy Chairman John Bailey attended at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 1st July for the AGM of the All Party Group which is representing our interests. The APG Chair, Katy Clark MP (Lab) is keen to secure a debate before the end of the year. Given the government's / MoD's intransigence on the question of retrospection, in relation to pensions, the question of the possibility of securing a lump sum (in lieu of pension rights) was raised. In order to test veterans' likely reaction to this change of strategy, an email questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of 100 EfVA members. The responses will be collated, from which a figure will be calculated to reflect the likely cost to the government of such a settlement (based on a notional £1000 per year of service). The email response will be used to inform the parliamentary debate.
During the next 2 months, Frank and John will be conducting a specific line of research regarding the alleged abatement to pay which was applied to veterans prior to April 1975. The result of this research will also serve to inform the parliamentary debate.
Meanwhile, Campaign Manager, Sid West will be circulating and collating the email questionnaires.


Annual General Meeting of EfVA Members 

18th May 2014 Royal British Legion Paddington Branch


View a copy of the AGM Minutes 2014 


To view 'EfVA Year End Accounts 2014' you can request a copy

from Richard Jeal by email:

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EfVA works on behalf of UK Armed Forces Veterans who in the period 1949 to end of Tax Year March 1975 completed less than 22 years service (16 years for commissioned officers) the Association conducts a campaign seeking to rectify the inequality in occupational pro-rata pensions currently denied by Government.  In many cases this same anomaly also applies to those who served for a minimum of a further 2 years beyond April 1975.


EfVA also seeks to provide advice to Veterans and their families whenever and however they are experiencing difficulty. 


By Lawrence Vaincourt


Member Mike Smith has successfully launched an epetition which all members and other interested parties are encouraged to sign as soon as possible. 


Please logon to parliament uk search epetitions "Equality in Veterans Pensions" created by Michael Taylor Smith.  


HM GOVERNMENT e-petition 




 Membership of EfVA is open to all UK ex-Service Veterans and their families on application.

Non Service supporters of EfVA may also apply for honorary membership. (See Forms to download)  


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