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To all EfVA Members 


This is to give notice of the Fourth Annual General Meetings of the Association 


18th May 2014 at 12.30pm

 at the 


Royal British Legion Paddington Branch 


2 St Stephens Gardens 




Telephone: 020 7229 337


The club can be found between Westbourne Park Road and Chepstow Road, about half a mile west of Paddington Station  


It is approx 400 yards from both Westbourne Park and Royal Oak tube stations - both of which are on the Hammersmith and City Line  


Refreshments will be available  


RSVP please to Richard Jeal, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   



 Tony Barton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Registration will be from 12 noon


If any member has anything they wish added to the agenda please notify in reply 





4th Annual General Meeting of the 


Equality for Veterans Association


Royal British Legion, Paddington Branch


12.30 pm Sunday18th May 2014




  • A report of the research carried out at The National Archive at Kew, and the consequences of what was found

  • To consider the future viability of the Association in respect of :

    • Maintenance of the campaign or 

    • Winding up of the Association

  • Resignation of Richard Jeal as Treasurer & Secretary. Effective from the conclusion of the 2014 AGM

  • Nominations for position of Treasurer

  • Any other business


EMC Attendees: 


Frank Sanders - Chairman

John Bailey -  Deputy Chairman 

Richard Jeal - Treasurer 

Sid West - Deputy Campaign Manager 

Tony Barton -  Membership Secretary 

Dennis Lock – Research Officer 

Jim Monaghan – Web Editor 

Carol Conroy-Wright – Web Design





EfVA works on behalf of UK Armed Forces Veterans who in the period 1949 to end of Tax Year March 1975 completed less than 22 years service (16 years for commissioned officers) the Association conducts a campaign seeking to rectify the inequality in occupational pro-rata pensions currently denied by Government.  In many cases this same anomaly also applies to those who served for a minimum of a further 2 years beyond April 1975.


EfVA also seeks to provide advice to Veterans and their families whenever and however they are experiencing difficulty. 


By Lawrence Vaincourt


Member Mike Smith has successfully launched an epetition which all members and other interested parties are encouraged to sign as soon as possible. 


Please logon to parliament uk search epetitions "Equality in Veterans Pensions" created by Michael Taylor Smith.  


HM GOVERNMENT e-petition 




 Membership of EfVA is open to all UK ex-Service Veterans and their families on application.

Non Service supporters of EfVA may also apply for honorary membership. (See Forms to download)  


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