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LATEST NEWS - 29TH January 2015


The office of Katy Clark (MP) confirms that applications are currently being made for a Back Bench debate or a Westminster Hall debate in relation to the EfVA pension issue.

John E Bailey
Deputy Chairman


Random Sample of 100 EfVA Members

You will be aware, that following the recent AGM of the APG with Katy Clark MP, we resolved to research the question of how much it might cost the government to settle our claim on the basis of a one-off cash payment of £1000 for each year of service. Sid West duly contacted a random sample of 100 EfVA members and put two questions to them:

  1. Would you accept a one-off cash payment in lieu of pension rights? (Answer simply Yes or No).

  2. How many complete years did you serve over the age of 18?


The aim of the random sample was to produce figures which can be reliably used and applied to the whole population of affected veterans. I am grateful to Nigel Lodge of the Armed Forces Pension Group; Nigel has compiled statistics in recent years for the AFPG and his latest estimate is that about 250, 000 existing veterans are disadvantaged. Given that the MoD will not produce any figures, this is the estimate that we will work with.


Of the 100 responses, a massive 94% responded with a ‘Yes’ to the first question, about accepting a lump sum. Of course the answers may have been different if a smaller sum, per year’s service, were to be offered, but based upon the question posed, an overwhelming majority would accept it. I have every confidence that, based upon the small sample of 100 respondents, a similar result would be obtained across the whole population of veterans.



Turning now to the responses for the number of years of service. Of the 100 responses, the lengths of service ranged from 4 years to 16 years. The data was normally distributed, having two central peaks at 9 years and 12 years’ service, respectively. This, of course is to be expected as most regulars were on 9 or 12 year engagements.


The mean (average) of the random sample years of service is 10.27 years. If that is representative of the mean for the population of affected veterans, then it would cost  £2.57 bn (£2, 570, 000, 000) to settle with a one-off payment.


The question now arises of how confident are we that the mean of our random sample is representative of the mean of the whole of the veterans’ population. Further statistical calculations for the population gave a 95% confidence interval of +/- 0.54 years.


Accordingly, we can state with 95% confidence,  that based upon an affected veterans’ population of 250, 000, to settle with a one-off payment based on £1000 per year of service, it will cost the government between £2.43 bn and £2.7 bn.


The All Party Group will be apprised of these findings which will serve to inform the forthcoming debate. At this early stage, please note that these figures are not in tablets of stone, but they do provide a benchmark from which to start the ball rolling.


I would like to extend my thanks to the 100 respondents who took the time and trouble to participate and to Sid West, for his hard work and persistence in collecting the data.  


John E Bailey 

Deputy Chairman 


7th August 2014



LATEST NEWS - July 2014

EfVA Chairman Frank Sanders and Deputy Chairman John Bailey attended at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 1st July for the AGM of the All Party Group which is representing our interests. The APG Chair, Katy Clark MP (Lab) is keen to secure a debate before the end of the year. Given the government's / MoD's intransigence on the question of retrospection, in relation to pensions, the question of the possibility of securing a lump sum (in lieu of pension rights) was raised. In order to test veterans' likely reaction to this change of strategy, an email questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of 100 EfVA members. The responses will be collated, from which a figure will be calculated to reflect the likely cost to the government of such a settlement (based on a notional £1000 per year of service). The email response will be used to inform the parliamentary debate.
During the next 2 months, Frank and John will be conducting a specific line of research regarding the alleged abatement to pay which was applied to veterans prior to April 1975. The result of this research will also serve to inform the parliamentary debate.
Meanwhile, Campaign Manager, Sid West will be circulating and collating the email questionnaires.


Annual General Meeting of EfVA Members 

18th May 2014 Royal British Legion Paddington Branch


View a copy of the AGM Minutes 2014 


To view 'EfVA Year End Accounts 2014' you can request a copy

from Richard Jeal by email:

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EfVA works on behalf of UK Armed Forces Veterans who in the period 1949 to end of Tax Year March 1975 completed less than 22 years service (16 years for commissioned officers) the Association conducts a campaign seeking to rectify the inequality in occupational pro-rata pensions currently denied by Government.  In many cases this same anomaly also applies to those who served for a minimum of a further 2 years beyond April 1975.


EfVA also seeks to provide advice to Veterans and their families whenever and however they are experiencing difficulty. 


By Lawrence Vaincourt


Member Mike Smith has successfully launched an epetition which all members and other interested parties are encouraged to sign as soon as possible. 


Please logon to parliament uk search epetitions "Equality in Veterans Pensions" created by Michael Taylor Smith.  


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