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Fellow Veterans and Supporters of Equality for Veterans Association, 


The management committee offer grateful thanks for the help and support you have provided from day one of the formation of the Association.  It is only with your moral, physical and financial support have we been able to pursue our claim for pension rights. 


Our Association and its supporters were able to raise a petition of over 300,000 signatures from members of the public in support of our claim.  We were able to obtain the support of an All Party Parliamentary Group, chaired by Katy Clarke M.P. who went on to obtain a debate in Parliament to highlight our claim. These outcomes are significant achievements for an Association of our size and with the resources available to us, and would not have been achievable without your efforts. Sadly, Ms Clarke’s group did not get the parliamentary backing required to prevail, despite our best efforts.  


Thankfully, today's Armed forces enjoy better pension provision than we veterans, but military pension liabilities are under pressure to be reduced. Without the charitable support received by some of our most recent and vulnerable veterans they would also be pushed into the background by government. Let us hope that they will always remain valued, appreciated and supported where necessary.


It was agreed at our Extraordinary General Meeting held in August 2015 that the balance of our funds at closure were to be donated to The Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Association (SSAFA).  This charity, formed under Royal Charter, carry out valuable support for both current and previous Military Personnel and their families.


On the 1st of December 2015 a cheque for £1,887.16 was presented to SSAFA at their London Headquarters to assist in continuing their valuable work and our website displays a photograph of the presentation. 


This at least achieves one positive outcome from our activities. 


In conclusion, we would like to repeat our thanks to everybody for their support and participation.




Frank Sanders (Chairman) & EfVA Management Committee 



2nd December 2015


(From the left - John Bailey, Tony Barton, Jim Morrison (SSAFA), Frank Sanders, Dennis Lock)

'On Tuesday 1st December 2015, chairman Frank Sanders presented a charity donation of £1887.16 to Jim Morrison (SSAFA Head of Fundraising, South) at the SSAFA head office in London. John Bailey, Tony Barton and Dennis Lock of the EfVA committee were also present.' 



20th November 2015


In accordance with the resolution made by the EfVA committee at the August meeting, the balance of the association's funds will be presented to SSAFA (Soldiers', Sailors' and Air Force Families' Association) on Tuesday 1st December 2015. The presentation will be made by the EfVA chairman, Frank Sanders, at 1400hrs at the SSAFA Central Office, 4 Saint Dunstan's Hill, London EC3R 8AD. All EfVA members and supporters are cordially invited to attend the presentation, including group photograph.

(Could prospective attendees please inform deputy chairman John Bailey, by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )'

10th August 2015


Notice to members of the Equality for Veterans Association 

of intention to wind up the Association


at an Extraordinary General Meeting of EfVA Members  

 at Royal British Legion Newport Pagnall Branch


1 Ousebank Street, Newport Pagnell MK16 8AN


on 12:30 p.m. Sunday 9th August 2015




It was proposed, seconded and agreed by all attendees, bar one,that the association be wound up as it was felt that the association


is unable to meet its principal objective “To seek rectification of the inequality in occupational pensions for UK ex-service veterans”.


As detailed in the association Mission Statement Paragraph 2a. 


In accordance with item 2 of the published notice of Agenda for the Extraordinary General Meeting. 


It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously by those present that any funds held after disbursement of winding up costs will be donated to The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) for furtherance of the charitable work carried out by them. 


Full copies of the Minutes of the Meeting may be obtained (by members only) from the deputy chairman, John Bailey* at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


All other enquiries may be directed to the Chairman, Frank Sanders at


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


 * Members who do not have email facilities can obtain a copy of the minutes by writing to John, enclosing a SAE, to 18 Howcroft Gardens, Sandal, Wakefield  WF2 6TW 



29th July 2015 


Extraordinary General Meeting of EfVA Members 

 at Royal British Legion Newport Pagnall Branch

1 Ousebank Street, Newport Pagnell MK16 8AN


12:30 p.m. Sunday 9th August 2015 


The purpose of the meeting is to consider

  1. Progress report on Equality for Veteran Association campaign, and if thought fit,   pass the following resolution as a special resolution.


  • To wind up the Association.


               Agenda if resolution is passed 


  • Appointment of officers from management committee to implement winding up and dispersal of funds after costs of winding up

  • Vote from members present and committee on charitable organisations to be recipients of dispersed residual funds.

  • Any Other Business


    Agenda if resolution is not passed


13th July 2015

Fellow Veterans, the management committee feel it appropriate to update association members of the situation with regard to our claim for award of  pension or other financial recompense for the time we served our country in the Armed forces.


As many members are aware, in 2003/04The Armed Forces Pension Group (AFPG) mounted a claim in the High Court and subsequently in the Court of Appeal for preserved pensions for pre-1975 leavers from the Armed Forces.  The case was unsuccessful for a number of reasons, but principally because there is no legal right to a pension for our particular group of veterans.


Colin Channon MP (Morley & Rothwell, Labour) raised a Parliamentary Early Day Motion and received the support of well over 100 MP's and subsequently a hearing was granted in Parliament on January 31st 2007 but this proved unsuccessful as the government refused to acknowledge our claim.


In an attempt to resurrect a legal claim, the management committee of EfVA and other dedicated members carried out detailed research to find evidence in support of a further legal claim but none has been revealed.  We therefore decided to put aside a legal claim and again appeal directly to Parliament to hear our case by way of debate. 


An All-Party Parliamentary Group on Armed forces Veterans' Pensions was formed in 2012 and chaired by Katy Clark MP (North Ayrshire and Arran, Labour) and received support from a number of MP's.  During Group meetings it was agreed that Katy Clark would secure a debate in Parliament to again put forward our case and claim.


To secure a debate, a petition of over 300,000 signatures from members of the public, in support of our claim,was presented to Government at No 10 Downing street. 


In March 2015 Katy Clark MP  secured a debate in Parliament asking government to look at the matter afresh.  Anna Soubry MP,  the Minister of State for Defence stated “I am more than happy to write to her (Katy Clark) if somebody can come up with suggestions, but I have to say that she is really whistling in the wind on this one”.


The letter of response from the Minister to Katy Clark's letter of suggestions to resolve our claim  totally rejected Veterans claims and stated we had suffered no disadvantage. 


This response from government clearly shows us that we are no further forward with our claim than we were twelve years ago.


30th April 2015

Following the Westminster debate, the EfVA asked Katy Clark MP to write to Anna Soubry, Minister at the MoD, to clarify the MoD's response to the suggestion of a one-off ex-gratia payment (details on this website). A copy of the MoD's response, signed by Anna Soubry, has now been received and is attached as a .pdf document."

 The MOD's Response can be viewed here



26th March 2015

Following the Westminster debate, at the request of the EfVA, Katy Clark MP has written to the MoD Minister, Anna Soubry MP. She asked the Minister to respond to the following points:

  • The proposal for an ex-gratia payment based upon a figure of £1000 for each completed year of adult service, as outlined in last year's EfVA report which appears on this website, a copy of which was enclosed to the Minister.

  • That pre-1975 servicemen were disadvantaged compared with other workers in the public sector:   they were not allowed to join private pension schemes and they were never told about the provisions of the new pensions' legislation (Social Security Acts 1973 and 1975).  

  The MoD's response will be posted in due course.'







‘STOP PRESS’ (10th March 2015)


The  office of Katy Clark MP has informed the EfVA that a backbench debate, concerning veterans' pension issues, will be held at Westminster Hall on Monday 16th March from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.
MPs of the All Party Group will be informed. What about your MP and your representation?


EfVA members and supporters of the campaign are urged to contact their own MPs urgently to make them aware of the debate and to ask them to attend in support.




John E Bailey
Deputy Chairman

Local MP Secures Veterans’ Pension debate


Member of Parliament for North Ayrshire and Arran Katy Clark has secured a Parliamentary debate on Veterans’ Pensions. The debate, which will take place on Monday16th March in Westminster Hall,  will focus on veterans who left the armed forces prior to the introduction of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme which was introduced in April 1975.Currently veterans who left the Armed Forces before April 5th, 1975, having served for fewer than 22 years, or 16 years if they were officers, receive no pension for their service. It is estimated that there are around 250,000 existing veterans who currently do not receive a pension. Over 300,000 people have signed a petition established by the Equality for Veterans Association supporting the veterans’ cause.


Speaking on the subject Katy Clark said “We should all be extremely grateful for the contribution made to the United Kingdom by our armed forces. Sadly for far too long the sacrifices made by those who served before April 1975 has not been properly recognised by successive Governments. These veterans were prevented from enrolling in conventional pension schemes during their period of service and a large number were poorly informed about the implications of pensions’ legislation in the early 1970s. Many decisions at that time about when to leave the armed services were therefore taken without all the available information to hand. Those who chose to retire shortly before April 1975 continue to feel the financial implication of their decision to this day.


“The Government’s position appears to be it cannot change military pensions retrospectively as this could have potential implications across the public sector. Veterans have however always been treated differently by Government due to the Military Covenant which recognises the unique and often highly dangerous nature of military service. I believe if the Government is serious about honouring this covenant they should be looking to provide lasting financial recognition to pre-April 1975 veterans to honour their loyal service.This is an important issue for many of the veterans affected as they feel that their contribution has not be recognised and that they have been treated unfairly. 


LATEST NEWS - 29TH January 2015


The office of Katy Clark (MP) confirms that applications are currently being made for a Back Bench debate or a Westminster Hall debate in relation to the EfVA pension issue.

John E Bailey
Deputy Chairman


Random Sample of 100 EfVA Members

You will be aware, that following the recent AGM of the APG with Katy Clark MP, we resolved to research the question of how much it might cost the government to settle our claim on the basis of a one-off cash payment of £1000 for each year of service. Sid West duly contacted a random sample of 100 EfVA members and put two questions to them:

  1. Would you accept a one-off cash payment in lieu of pension rights? (Answer simply Yes or No).

  2. How many complete years did you serve over the age of 18?


The aim of the random sample was to produce figures which can be reliably used and applied to the whole population of affected veterans. I am grateful to Nigel Lodge of the Armed Forces Pension Group; Nigel has compiled statistics in recent years for the AFPG and his latest estimate is that about 250, 000 existing veterans are disadvantaged. Given that the MoD will not produce any figures, this is the estimate that we will work with.


Of the 100 responses, a massive 94% responded with a ‘Yes’ to the first question, about accepting a lump sum. Of course the answers may have been different if a smaller sum, per year’s service, were to be offered, but based upon the question posed, an overwhelming majority would accept it. I have every confidence that, based upon the small sample of 100 respondents, a similar result would be obtained across the whole population of veterans.



Turning now to the responses for the number of years of service. Of the 100 responses, the lengths of service ranged from 4 years to 16 years. The data was normally distributed, having two central peaks at 9 years and 12 years’ service, respectively. This, of course is to be expected as most regulars were on 9 or 12 year engagements.


The mean (average) of the random sample years of service is 10.27 years. If that is representative of the mean for the population of affected veterans, then it would cost  £2.57 bn (£2, 570, 000, 000) to settle with a one-off payment.


The question now arises of how confident are we that the mean of our random sample is representative of the mean of the whole of the veterans’ population. Further statistical calculations for the population gave a 95% confidence interval of +/- 0.54 years.


Accordingly, we can state with 95% confidence,  that based upon an affected veterans’ population of 250, 000, to settle with a one-off payment based on £1000 per year of service, it will cost the government between £2.43 bn and £2.7 bn.


The All Party Group will be apprised of these findings which will serve to inform the forthcoming debate. At this early stage, please note that these figures are not in tablets of stone, but they do provide a benchmark from which to start the ball rolling.


I would like to extend my thanks to the 100 respondents who took the time and trouble to participate and to Sid West, for his hard work and persistence in collecting the data.  


John E Bailey 

Deputy Chairman 


7th August 2014



LATEST NEWS - July 2014

EfVA Chairman Frank Sanders and Deputy Chairman John Bailey attended at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 1st July for the AGM of the All Party Group which is representing our interests. The APG Chair, Katy Clark MP (Lab) is keen to secure a debate before the end of the year. Given the government's / MoD's intransigence on the question of retrospection, in relation to pensions, the question of the possibility of securing a lump sum (in lieu of pension rights) was raised. In order to test veterans' likely reaction to this change of strategy, an email questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of 100 EfVA members. The responses will be collated, from which a figure will be calculated to reflect the likely cost to the government of such a settlement (based on a notional £1000 per year of service). The email response will be used to inform the parliamentary debate.
During the next 2 months, Frank and John will be conducting a specific line of research regarding the alleged abatement to pay which was applied to veterans prior to April 1975. The result of this research will also serve to inform the parliamentary debate.
Meanwhile, Campaign Manager, Sid West will be circulating and collating the email questionnaires.


Annual General Meeting of EfVA Members 

18th May 2014 Royal British Legion Paddington Branch


View a copy of the AGM Minutes 2014 


To view 'EfVA Year End Accounts 2014' you can request a copy

from Richard Jeal by email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  





EfVA works on behalf of UK Armed Forces Veterans who in the period 1949 to end of Tax Year March 1975 completed less than 22 years service (16 years for commissioned officers) the Association conducts a campaign seeking to rectify the inequality in occupational pro-rata pensions currently denied by Government.  In many cases this same anomaly also applies to those who served for a minimum of a further 2 years beyond April 1975.


EfVA also seeks to provide advice to Veterans and their families whenever and however they are experiencing difficulty. 


By Lawrence Vaincourt


Member Mike Smith has successfully launched an epetition which all members and other interested parties are encouraged to sign as soon as possible. 


Please logon to parliament uk search epetitions "Equality in Veterans Pensions" created by Michael Taylor Smith.  


HM GOVERNMENT e-petition 




 Membership of EfVA is open to all UK ex-Service Veterans and their families on application.

Non Service supporters of EfVA may also apply for honorary membership. (See Forms to download)  


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